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Fit and Trim Lawns, Inc 609- 823-6056
Fit and Trim Lawns, Inc 609- 823-6056

Beautiful lawns do not just happen.




 At Fit and Trim Lawns, Inc. Now L & S Fit And Trim Lawns LLC are specialists in the care of beautiful lawns and pleasing landscapes for both your home and office.


We have a comprehensive knowledge of plants, lawn products, complete or partial renovations, as well as maintenance strategies.


Businesses often come and go, but Fit and Trim Lawns, Inc. has been an established business for many years. This is because we are honest and dependable. We do all the work on the books. All taxes are paid. We are licenced and insured. Our workers are all covered under Workmen's Compensation. We do not hire illegals nor pay "under the table".


Our employees are trained to do a professional job. We attend conventions, seminars, and classes for landscape professoinals.  This keeps us abreast of new techniques and enables us to hone our skills.

Let the land produce vegetation...And God saw that it was good.

For decades we've saved our clients' leisure time by providing customized landscapes and maintenance in the South Jersey shore area. We will be happy to provide you with a free estimate for our services.

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Ventnor, Margate, Longport,

and portions of

Atlantic City,

New Jersey.


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